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Friendly dropzone near the city center

Skydive Feniks is the perfect choice if you want to make your weekends in Belgrade more exciting. Our Cessna 182 can take four skydivers up to 3500 meters. Rental rigs are available on request. 

There’s a restaurant offering traditional food and hot and cold beverages located near the landing area so your friends and family can watch your best moments.

All that stands between you and a perfect day at Skydive Feniks are a couple of requirements:

  • Skydiving license and a valid proof of health (driving license, medical certificate for a driving license, or aviation class 2 medical certificate)
  • Skydiving logbook (signed, stamped, and up to date)
  • Proof of airworthiness of your skydiving rig (reserve repack interval in our club is 1 year)
    Having a serviceable AAD is mandatory at Skydive Feniks.


Our prices are listed below and we can only accept Serbian Dinars, per the official exchange rate on the day of your jump.

Description Price (€)
1200m 15
1500m 17
2000m 22
3000m 30
3500m 35
Rental rig 10
Packjob 5
Altimeter + Helmet + Goggles 2

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Large landing area

Large, no obstacle landing area, even if you miss the entire airport there are acres of safe landing spots everywhere.

Debriefing rooms

Always stay safe. Replay and analyse your jumps in one of our classrooms.

Large Packing area

We have plenty of space for your equipment. Also, if you somehow manage to get tired of skydiving, you can always find some spot under the trees and take a powernap.

Qualified on-site Rigger

Our riggers are hell of a guys. They are also active skydivers, so they are fully aware of the importance of a good packjob.


Traditional food, and various beverages are available all day long with a view directed towards the landing area.

Excellent manifest

Our check-in crew will take care of all the work neccesary to send you skyward as soon as possible.