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Welcome to Skydive Feniks!

We are located at Belgrade Lisičji Jarak airport (LYBJ), 13 km north from the city of Belgrade, near Padinska Skela. With the airport surface area of 164 acres and surrounded by farmland on all sides, even if you miss the entire landing area, you will find a safe obstacle-free landing spot.

We believe that proper preparation is the key to success and that is reflected in the layout of our dropzone. We have a large outdoor packing area, which reduces distraction for the people packing the parachutes, a classroom where you can fine tune every detail of your jump beforehand, and a stand-up trainer for practicing your emergency procedures.

Your rig is the key to getting you on the ground in a safe and smooth manner, and our team of experienced riggers is here to help keep your gear in working order. From mundane tasks, like packing your main, to advanced interventions, including reserve repacks, your gear is in safe hands.   

When you get hungry after a day of jumping, you can always fix yourself something up in our small kitchen, join us at our outdoor barbecue grill (which is often in use on the weekends), or hop down to the airport restaurant which overlooks the landing area.    

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How to reach us

Belgrade Public Transport one-on-one

If you are coming from Belgrade using the public transport system, there are multiple lines from the city center, and from the other parts of the city. Bus number 101 starts from the station “Omladinski stadion” and it passes just a few hundred meters from the drop zone. On the other hand, if you are planning to visit us from New Belgrade then bus number 85 will help you cross the river and then transfer to the bus 101. More information about Belgrade Public Transportation System is available here.